Saunas such as the SA- and SX-line make a proven contribution to all-round health and wellness. And by regularly stepping into their natural and rejuvenating environments, you’ll soon feel the difference in your personal wellness level. The heat of a sauna increases the kernel temperature of your body. And the levels of happiness hormones (endorphin and serotonin) are increased as well.

This and the alternation between hot and cold improves blood circulation and the body’s metabolism. In cases of hypertension, studies show that stimulating circulation in this way, three or four times a week, can even reduce high blood pressure. The heat also makes you sweat. This washes toxins from your tissue and contributes to a healthy skin.

Finally, saunas and steam boost your entire immune system. This is because the sauna process with its changes in heat (warm shower followed by hot sauna followed by cold shower) opens up skin pores, improving the body’s ability to adapt to extremes of temperature.

So, your body is prepared when you experience sudden changes in weather conditions – and is less vulnerable to the illnesses this can cause.

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