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xTool thermostat module with 3 valves
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Concealed rough parts

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35 546 970 90
35 546 970 90Concealed rough parts
 Concealed rough parts
 2x back flow preventer
 concealed body, red brass body
 2x female thread 3/4" connections (cold/hot)
 1x female thread 1/2" outlet for additional valves
 2x female thread 1/2" outlet, right/left alternatively
 1x female thread 1/2" outlet, left/right/top alternatively
 3x sleeve, for shortening
 3x ceramic head part 1/2", with spindle for shortening
 3/4" thermostat cartridge with filters
 polystyrene block
 4x anti-water packing
 4x dust cover
 integrated silencer
 gauge 120 mm
 Can only be combined with exposed trim parts 36 416 SSS-FF or 36 310 SSS-FF
 Pre-seal available separately, see page [ItemID=191027109]
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