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Shower tray Square


O.novo Shower tray, Shower trays (Ceramics), Shower trays
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O.novo Shower tray, Shower trays (Ceramics), Shower trays

Shower tray Square


700 x 700 x 100 mm, Shower tray depth: 80 mm Square 6028A7

Colour: White Alpin
White Alpin
White Alpin



  • O.novo shower trays impress with a streamlined look and great comfort
  • Square shower trays provide scope for flexible positioning in the bathroom
  • Shower tray is installed on top of the bathroom tiles
  • Shower tray installed on a plinth
  • Non-slip shower tray surface thanks to integrated bumps in the ceramic
  • Ceramic is an easy-clean, strong and diverse natural product
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Product description

O.novo – Unexpectedly different


O.novo – Unexpectedly different

O.novo shower trays impress with their timeless design and an optional high-quality anti-slip surface. For a relaxing spa experience in your own bathroom: natural, stylish and simple. Our O.novo shower trays are available in three shades of white and different models and sizes - a collection of strong and stylish highlights for your bathroom.

  • Thanks to their timeless design, O.novo shower trays, washbasins, baths, bidets and more ensure a modern look across the board
  • O.novo bathroom ceramic is resistant and easy to clean
  • O.novo shower trays and baths can also be supplied with an optional anti-slip coating
  • O.novo products allow different installation options
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Square shower trays - The perfect solution for every layout scenario

Product type

Square shower trays - The perfect solution for every layout scenario

The classic square shower tray coordinates harmoniously in bathrooms of all sizes, large or small. Its practical shape provides scope for flexible positioning - from corner installation to against a side wall. Another advantage of a square shower tray is the option of rotating the tray to locate the water outlet in the most convenient position.

  • Their compact design makes square shower trays an ideal choice for bathrooms of all sizes, large or small
  • Classic shower tray style, available in different standard and custom sizes
  • Flexible shower tray installation options to accommodate individual bathroom requirements
  • Choice of installation methods: surface-mounted, on a base or flush-fitting
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Shower tray installation type - surface-mounted llustration: Architectura

Product feature

Shower tray installation type - surface-mounted

Surface-mounted shower trays have a rim of 2-4 cm and can be installed easily even in bathrooms with low floor depths. The low rim ensures no distraction from the open feeling in the room, while clearly differentiating the shower area from the rest of the bathroom. The shower tray is not quite flush-fitting, but its very flat design allows safer and more comfortable entry.

  • Flat shower tray with a rim of 2-4 cm
  • Allows comfortable, safe entry and exit from the shower
  • Surface-mounted shower trays need only a small foundation
  • Suitable for installation in bathrooms with a low floor depth
Shower tray installation type - on a base llustration: Futurion Flat

Product feature

Shower tray installation type - on a base

Shower trays on a pedestal or plinth are suitable for any bathroom and are available in a very wide range of models. Pedestal shower trays are ideal for bathrooms with a low floor depth as the water outlet can be located directly in the base of the shower tray. The pedestal blends harmoniously with the overall effect of the bathroom and opens up options for individual design - find your favourite model.

  • Suitable for thin floors
  • The water outlet for the shower is concealed inside the pedestal
  • Individual design options for the base, e.g. with coordinating tiles
  • Shower tray sits higher, requiring more defined entry and exit
Ceramic with bumps - safety first llustration: O.novo

Product feature

Ceramic with bumps - safety first

The ceramic anti-slip shower trays from Villeroy & Boch with integrated bumps provide more grip for added safety in the bathroom. The ceramic surface of these non-slip shower trays has small bumps that coordinate with the design of the shower tray. They provide improved grip in the shower and prevent slipping, without detracting from the overall aesthetic effect - an ideal solution for families or a multi-generational household.

  • Improved anti-slip performance thanks to the bumps in the ceramic
  • Safe showers for the whole family
  • Available for the O.NOVO ceramic shower tray
  • Ceramic is a strong and enduringly beautiful natural material
Ceramic - outstanding material properties and diverse design scope


Ceramic - outstanding material properties and diverse design scope

Ceramic is a natural product consisting of clay, kaolin, feldspar and quartz that we have been using for over 265 years to create high-quality sanitary products. As well as their long lasting beautiful appearance, our bathroom ceramics impress with their smooth, impermeable and almost scratchproof surfaces, easy maintenance and high resistance to everyday household acids and alkalis.

  • Ceramic is resistant to impacts, scratches and breakage, as well as heat and cold
  • Villeroy & Boch ceramic is odour-neutral and made from natural raw materials
  • Available in a wide variety of decors and colours
  • Our bathroom ceramics are colour-fast and easy to clean thanks to an extra-thick, shiny glaze

Technical information

Collection O.novo
Model 6028A7
Width 700 mm
Length 700 mm
Weight 28,5 kg
Product designation Shower tray

Ceramic. surface-mounted. Ceramic with anti-slip nubs and glossy surface

Material Ceramic
Form Square