And now a nice cup of coffee

Caffè Club is unique porcelain for anyone who loves delicious coffee and fresh designs. The practical cups and plates are perfect for any occasion, whether in the office or at home – with a charming floral relief, elegant metallic look, in sleek white or in harmonious colours. Turn your coffee break with Caffè Club into a feast for the senses.

Collection details

• new in 2018 
• Caffè Club Uni in white and two colours 
• Caffè Club Floral Touch in white and four colours 
• made from Premium Porcelain 
• dishwasher-safe 
• microwave-safe 
• cups fit under all standard coffee machines and automatic coffee machines

The Caffè Club Floral Touch range is an experience you can touch. The cups with the floral relief feel fantastic and add charming flair. The Uni version with a smooth surface in white or with a metallic look has an impressive pared-down design. A little tip: mix and match the two ranges with each other to bring variety to your coffee setting.

Not just about the coffee

Fresh colours make your coffee break even more enjoyable. The handles on the cups and mugs in the Caffè Club Floral Touch range are adorned with a flattering pink, beige, turquoise or grey. The Uni version features metallic shades in a bold copper or soft pink. Then a slice of cake from the colourful coffee plates and the moment is perfect.


Whether café au lait, espresso or classic coffee: the shape and size of the Caffè Club cups have been specially designed for these popular coffee specialities and your favourite coffee. The cups with their perfect height fit all standard coffee machines and automatic coffee machines, are stable and the coffee won’t overflow.

Simply make, pour and enjoy.