La Classica Contura

Unique impressions of classical architecture

Unique impressions of classical architecture. Stylish, fine and modern: La Classica Contura, the decorative variant of the new classic collection has a unique design with clear lines and luxurious ornamentation. Subtly glittering platinum accents enhance the luxurious aura of this elegant Premium Bone Porcelain dinner service. For celebrations and special moments.

Surprising settings – elegant and modern

La Classica Contura – a unique design with timeless beauty. The exciting combination of the satin white of the porcelain and the graphic ornamentation, is refined with platinum highlights. Inspired by the domes and rotundas of great European cathedrals, the symmetrical patterns integrate harmoniously into a clear series of forms. The decor variations have colour nuances ranging from silver grey to sand with a slender platinum band around the edge.

An expressive combination of form and decor

Inspired by the classical ideals, this collection has a form that is both aesthetically sophisticated and functional. The timeless, clear lines open creative room for decor variations. The graphic patterns and fine contours of the characteristic ornaments emphasise the harmonic proportion of the forms. La Classica Contura also provides the perfect pattern in a pure white decor variation.