Economical, efficient and environmentally friendly
Combine relaxation and environmental awareness with a Villeroy & Boch hot tub
More economical than you might think
Environmental awareness is a virtue, not a luxury - and the same applies when it comes to thriftiness. Efficient use of resources is not only a positive step for the environment, it's good news for your budget too. This is why, for example, many people opt for showers instead of baths. But a hot tub does not need to be an extravagance if it is high quality and carefully designed.
Efficient insulation is half the battle.
The golden rules for house-building also apply when it comes to selecting a hot tub. An effectively insulated and high-quality hot tub requires less energy to heat the water to a pleasant temperature and keep it there. Calculated as an annual average, the excellent full-foam insulation in our hot tubs reduces power costs to around two euros per day – depending on how you use it. This is good news for your wallet, and for you: allowing you to enjoy your well-deserved relaxation.
Clever professional design
One particularly important consideration for a hot tub is what it looks like "under the bonnet". The construction of the pipes is an essential criterion. Internal, short and effectively insulated pipes have very low heat loss. Villeroy & Boch hot tubs come with up to 90 per cent fewer pipes than comparable products and rank among the most economical models in their class, according to the California Energy Commission. The integrated filter system also keeps the water clean, which means it needs to be changed just three or four times a year.
See for yourself
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