The beauty of fine shapes

Ceramic exercises an almost magical fascination and the alternation of large, clear surfaces and precisely defined edges invites the observer to touch: Siluet is a fascinating design highlight that transforms any modern, minimalist kitchen style into something extra special. Designed for true aesthetes, made from TitanCeram.

Sensuality meets precision

The new Siluet kitchen sinks feature a clear, linear and minimalist design. Their delicate edges almost appear to be flowing - like an expanse of water forming new waves. With its sensual lines, Siluet creates an elegant effect that coordinates particularly well in modern and urban settings. Villeroy & Boch offers a selection of 3 models in 13 different shades for your kitchen, ensuring maximum design freedom.

Streamlined functionality

Siluet combines every conceivable convenience with a sleek, delicate appearance. Optional pop-up operation for the waste system avoids having to grope around in the water. The practical knob is available to match your taps in a chrome or stainless steel finish. A minimalist valve cover and matching steamer trays, wire baskets, a roll-up rack and a chopping board take your sink’s functionality to a whole new level.

Innovative materials: TitanCeram and CeramicPlus

All the sinks in the Siluet collection are made from the new TitanCeram ceramic material. Developed specially by Villeroy & Boch, TitanCeram allows the creation of very delicate designs with clearly defined edges and high stability. In addition, the CeramicPlus surface finish guarantees outstanding hygiene and easy cleaning. Advantages you will quickly come to appreciate in everyday use.

TitanCeram   CeramicPlus