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Slightly magical...

Herbs and medicinal plants in full bloom grace the high-quality premium porcelain dinnerware Althea Nova. The brilliance of the colours remains intact even after many cycles in the dishwasher or microwave. Enrich your day with this modern country-style tableware, which not only brings a little bit of herbal magic to your table but is also highly durable.

The lyrical world of culinary herbs

Althea Nova focuses on coriander, sage and so on – and plays with some innovative ideas: Delicately drawn herbs with soft shadow casting and lovely details lend the decor a real sense of depth, giving the traditional country style a fresh vitality in tune with the modern lifestyle. Discover this truly inspiring tableware collection replete with light and emotion!

Culinary herbs take centre stage

Althea Nova brings a contemporary love of nature to your table. Delicate and airy motifs drawing on the world of culinary herbs generously adorn the tradition-steeped Octavie range from Villeroy & Boch, yielding an authentic and sensual impression that takes the country style to a new level: the past and the present in perfect harmony.

Althea Nova Flat plate

Althea Nova Salad plate

Althea Nova Bread & butter plate

Althea Nova Individual bowl 16cm

Althea Nova Breakfast cup

Althea Nova Deep plate

Althea Nova Salad dish

Althea Nova Saucer breakfast cup

Althea Nova Espresso cup

Althea Nova Saucer espresso cup

Althea Nova Coffee/tea cup

Althea Nova Saucer coffee/tea cup