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Aesthetic in shape and material

The Artesano Hot Beverages collection offers just the right glass for every coffee and tea lover to enjoy a favorite drink. It has unexpected creative details such as an integrated tea filter, and is made of glass and porcelain combined for an aesthetic appeal. This product range will not fail to impress with its high quality, function and timeless design. Ideal for a little break.

A must-have for tea and coffee lovers

The desire to treat yourself to something nice and the need for luxury, well-being and a retreat from everyday life – these are the key ideas behind the Artesano Hot Beverages collection. The result is a beautiful, elegant design: The perfect companion at any moment of the day, in any setting. Celebrate the drinking of tea and coffee as a private moment of indulgence for an aficionado.

Feeling good is what makes life worth living

Artesano Hot Beverages is a collection that allows you to make your personal moments of happiness that extra bit special. The handmade, double-wall glass items are made of high-quality borosilicate glass that offers outstanding heat insulation. This product range offers just the right receptacle for anyone indulging in the pleasure of hot drinks.

Artesano Hot Beverages Teapot M with strainer 143mm

Artesano Hot Beverages Heater 150x70mm

Artesano Hot Beverages Universal cup 122mm

Artesano Hot Beverages Universal tumbler 122mm

Artesano Hot Beverages Cup L 95mm

Artesano Hot Beverages Cup S 68mm

Artesano Hot Beverages Tumbler L 95mm

Artesano Hot Beverages Tumbler S 68mm