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Unique design meets floral décor

Floral designs to touch

The Caffé Club Floral Touch collection is characterised by the unique haptic floral pattern on the porcelain surface, which makes the cups and plates of this collection a visual highlight on any coffee table1.

Collection details: Caffè Club Floral Touch

• New for 2017
• premium porcelain with floral relief
• coffee assortment
• dishwasher-safe
• microwave-safe

Perfect sizes for coffee machines

All cups in the Caffè Club collection are designed to fit popular coffee machines as well as fully automatic coffee machines. They are thus comfortable and safe to use — with no overflowing coffee!

All-round coffee enjoyment

With four different coffee cups and matching saucers and cake plates, the collection offers everything needed to enjoy coffee with sweet pastries. In addition, we have a delicious recipe for Dutch apple pie.

Recipe for Amsterdam Appeltaart

Caffè Club Floral Touch Café au lait set 2 pcs

Caffè Club Floral Touch Coffee set 2 pcs

Caffè Club Floral Touch Espresso set 2 pcs

Caffè Club Floral Touch Coffee plate

Caffè Club Floral Touch Mug small

Caffè Club Floral Touch Mug

Caffè Club Coffee spoon steam 145mm

Caffè Club Demi-tasse spoon steam 110mm