Delicate and eye-catching elegance

The floral Mariefleur Gris collection combines a playfully romantic side with sophisticated simplicity and timeless elegance. The skillfully drawn patterns add a touch of class to this premium porcelain tableware. At the same time, the unique color combination for this country-style tableware is a real eye-catcher.

Splendid yet subtle

Discover the enchanting color combinations of the Mariefleur Gris collection. The fine meadow grasses in delicate shades of grey are the perfect background for the pastel blossoms, allowing them to shine. The patterns form ensembles that flow elegantly across the tableware items, which can be freely mixed-and-matched.

The power of nature in a consummate design

The subtle and elegant nature of the design and the light, organic leaf shapes of the Mariefleur Gris Serve & Salad tableware items are expressions of a very organic table language and are the perfect foundation for this modern floral decor. The unique color combination adds a particular elegance to the tableware with its modern twist on a country style.

Mariefleur Gris Basic Mug

Mariefleur Gris Basic Flat plate

Mariefleur Gris Basic Creamer 6 pers.

Mariefleur Gris Basic Teapot 6 pers.

Mariefleur Gris Basic French-Bol

Mariefleur Gris Basic Oval bowl 32cm

Mariefleur Gris Basic Coffee cup & saucer 2pcs

Mariefleur Gris Serve & Salad Serving plate 50x30cm

Mariefleur Gris Serve & Salad Bowl flat 34cm

Mariefleur Gris Basic baking dishes Serving dish / Rectangular Cover 36x26cm

Mariefleur Gris Basic baking dishes Round baking dish

Mariefleur Gris Gifts Bowl with handles

Mariefleur Gris Gifts Vase/Candleholder large 20x7,3cm

Mariefleur Gris Gifts Bowl rectangular 23,6x9,7cm